Python Programming: Getting Started with the Odinub

Pretty excited to show first tutorial on Odinub and Python.

Odinub Board comes with preloaded Linux. Python is a beginner-friendly programming language is adopted by many other industries. Python is a computer language that has been around for a while but only recently has taken off. While languages such as C and C++ are compiled (i.e. turned directly into computer code). This does not mean that Python is slower than the C and C++ languages.

 This guide will walk you through writing your own programs with Python on the Odinub.

In Odinub, there are Python IDEs installed by default. So, use that to write your first Python program!

Hello Odinub!!

To start, we'll use Python to print the phrase, "Hello, Odinub!" to the terminal. Will guide you how to do that.

Getting Started with Python:

Open terminal and fire following commands.


You should be presented with a different command prompt, consisting of 3 greater-than signs >>>

print( 'Hello Odinub!' )

Press enter, you should see  Hello Odinub! repeated back to you.

Huurra!!! you have written you first python coide in Odinub.


Now you will come out form the interpreter.


Python Program from a File :

So Now you know hoew to use python IDE from the terminal. So it's time to make your own script in python without using interpreter. Every time you can not use one command at a time you have to make bunch of commands into one script.

This is very easy and convinent way to use and make python. Go back to termeinal and follow this commands. Here I have make one folder to store all my python programs.

mkdir program

cd program

Above steps is not neccesary to do. They are just for reffrence Now fire this command.


This will create into youir program forlder will open nano editor to write your code in it.


print( 'Hello Odinub!' )

Save and exit (ctrl+x followed by y and then enter). Back in the terminal.


This will print Hello Odinub! in your terminal it self. Just for your information I have cleared my terminal using Clear command.