about us

Odinub is a power packed computer that will redefine the computing industry as we know it. With a vision to reduce the board’s size, while getting more done, the technology aims to empower today’s youth by providing effective IOT and digital solutions that make them more connected to the world.

The Odinub community is an effort to bring together the best developers from around the world to tinker and build some disruptive projects on a powerful single board computer. The board, already an open source technology, has a preloaded linux, making it extremely easy for developers to work on it.

With computing on its way to the last mile, the need of the hour is to have boards that are compact, power efficient, and get more done. Odinub, formerly known as Infius Tech, strives to create an open source community that together, gets more done in less.

As the community grows gradually, these boards will rise to the various needs and challenges they face and will overcome the limitations faced by simpler 8-bit boards by lending significant applications to futuristic technologies like IoT, wearable, 3D printing, and embedded environments. With completely open-source boards and software, we empower users to TINKER. BUILD. SHARE.