Headless Odinub setup with PuTTY

What if we don’t have an extra keypad, mouse or screen and we want to work on Odinub?

There we can connect Odinub “Headless” on your laptop or Computer and we don’t need any extra keyboard, mouse or monitor.

How to connect Odinub Headless:

A “Headless” connection means you can connect Odinub with your laptop or Computer without turn off the main operating system.

Step 1: Required Materials

  1. Odinub
  2. microSD Card
  3. USB to Serial Converter
  4. Jumper Wires

Now, if we want to connect Odinub headless we can use UART protocal.

Step 2: Download FTDI Drivers & PuTTY

For the headless connection we can’t directly connect laptop or computer with Odinub for that we have to use PuTTY software. It is a software which will help us to connect Odinub with Serial Terminal or SSH. Here we will use serial terminal for headless connection.

For that Download PuTTY software from following link.

After downloading PuTTY just install it.


For USB to Serial converter we have to download FTDI drivers from the following link.

Now scroll down and download the setup executable file according to your Operating system.