Getting started with Firebase

Here, the follwing article will take you through how to work with Firebase and how to make an account on Firebase. The following article will help you to fetch the data of Odinub and sending the data on firebase.  

Hello!! I'm Firebase!!!

Firebase is a platform which allow to build a web app and mobile application very easily and quickly. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service(BaaS). By Firebase we can store the users data on its real-time database which sync the data among users data in no time. Firebase is a google product which offers Real-time database, Firebase cloud Messaging, Firebase storage, Firebase Hosting and so many other features it provide to us. Here, I use firebase to send and fetch the data from the Odinub.

Step 0:- Setup WiFi

This is hope you can setup WIFI for the first time.

To turn on the Wi-Fi execute the following command:

ifup wlan0

Step 1:- Prerequisites

  • The only prerequisites is you need an account on firebase which is free. To make an account click here. 

            you will get the screen like this,