Installing node.js in odinub

Hey guys, this article helps you to how to install Node.js on your Odinub.

As you guys know Odinub comes with a pre-install OS(Debian). Another good news Odinub has pre-install Node.js. So, in this article, we learn about how we can install/upgrade the Node.js version. Before that, we learn about what is Node.js and how it is useful in Odinub.

Node.js is an open source, a cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. It’s a part of MERN stack. The latest version of node.js is maintaining by its official website. 

Use this tutorial to install latest Nodejs & NPM on your Odinub.

For the Node.js installation, we will use the default package manager included inside the corresponding Linux distribution.

Installing Node.js on Odinub:

Follow all the given step for that you have to open terminal and fire all the given commands.

Step 0: WIFI Setup
For setup, the WIFI on your Odinub board follows another article.


 Step 1: Downloads the package lists from the repositories and newest versions of packages and their dependencies.

sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get upgrade

Step 2: Install node.js

After adding required PPA file lets install Nodejs package. NPM will also be installed with node.js. This command will also install many other dependent packages on your system.
Now, go on and finish installing Node. 

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Step 3: check the version of Node and NPM

After completing the installation, check and verify the installed version of Node.js and NPM. You can find more details about the current version on the node.js offical website.

Now check the version Node

nodejs -v 


Also, check the version of NPM.

npm -v 


If you guys are facing any problem regarding installation of node.js then visit here. This install method should work fine but will take a long time to complete.

Nodejs is a part of MERN stack (MongoDB Express React Nodejs). In the next tutorial, we talk about how you guys can use MERN in your project application.

I hope this article will help you to install node.js on Odinub. I hope you guys can make lots of application on Odinub board.


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