How to install ngrok

This tutorial will demonstrate how to access your Odinub from outside your home or local network using the Ngrok Tool.

ngrok requires very little setup, just a few commands in the terminal, and works very reliably


Ngrok is secure tunnelling service that makes your device available from anywhere online. Tunnelling is a way to set up a private line, over a public network like the internet, between two computers.  When you set up a tunnel between two computers, it should be secure and private, and able to pass through network barriers like port blocking routers and firewalls.  This is a handy service that allows you to tunnel requests from the wide open Internet to your local machine when it’s behind a secure wifi network or firewall. With this platform, you can access your Odinub from outside your home or local network in a very simple way.

You learn more about ngrok and its features from here.

Installing Ngrok:

Step 0: Connect WIFI on Odinub board

ifup wlan0

If you know more about Odinub WIFI click here more information.

Step 1: signup in ngrok  

Open a web browser in your laptop/Odinub sign up in ngrok. you can find the link below to download the ngrok.

Step 2: Download ngrok

Note: It’s better to make one folder and download ngrok in that directory.
Download the ngrok client, a single binary with zero run-time dependencies for Linux.


if you want to run using terminal then fire the command

sudo wget

Step 3: unzip to install

You can unzip ngrok from a terminal using the following command.

unzip /path/to/

Step 4 connect your network to your Odinub 

Running this command will add your account's auth-token to your ngrok.yml file. This will give you more features and all open tunnels will be listed here in the dashboard. Please find below how auth-token look like

./ngrok authtoken <your-auth-token>

Step 5 Fire this command for the result
 Try it out by running it from the command line.

./ngrok help

This command will help to show your output. To start an HTTP tunnel on a given port, run this next.

./ngrok http <your-port-number>(Ex: 5000)

If your tunnel status is “online” you can open your Odinub terminal using Putty anywhere.  Note the Host Address and the Port Number shown in the picture below.

I hope this tutorial will help you to install ngrok on Odinub. I hope you guys can make lots of IoT application and access your Odinub board as home or local host.
I tried to implement a small application on Odinub using ngrok and node.js if you want to implement on your Odinub board then visit here.


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