Guide to starting an IoT project

Do you have an idea which has never been executed? Do you want to make an IoT project out of it? Does it involve the data and internet? Or are you still figuring out what exactly IoT is? Well, for any of these answers, you're in the right place.

IoT "Internet of things" is basically an interface over the web, which is created by the users by adding data like a digital fabric that is woven into the lives of the people. It aims at connecting all the devices to the internet and has them communicate with each other using the internet as the medium. 

Initially, the term internet was itself enough and large to serve help to the user. But with the course of time, it evolved as the internet of people. Specifically, because it majorly contributed towards connecting people. And eventually, the internet had an immense amount of data floating. 
Now, these people came up with the idea of developing a platform to use this database and connect things! This was named as the internet of things because it literally connected applications to appliances, engines to remotes, all through a single interface. Today, if I use applications to switch on the AC before even reaching home, it's a simple application of IoT.

So, now that you guys know what IoT is, let's quickly switch to how can you make a project out of it.

The number one step is, having an idea. An idea which can solve a problem. Let's have an illustration of the same. Until a few years back, if a person forgets to switch off the lights and fans of a room, it resulted in the wastage of huge amount of electricity. So the idea of motion-sensing lights and fans came into picture which automatically switched off when there was no movement sensed. And we have a number of such innovations around us. But the root was to identify the problem and solve it.

Secondly, work on the application. The entire problem-solving process mainly depends on how you execute the plan. 

A recent project in the field of irrigation involved a sensor and single board computer board. The overview of the working of the project was that sensed the amount of moisture in a particular lane of the cultivated area and send signals to the computer board and it identifies the lack of moisture and turns the motor on. Here the coordination of the two IoT devices was the core of the entire project.

Touch, sense, control, communicate are the basic four traits around which the devices mainly revolve. The biometric system we use in offices to register our presence, the cameras adjusting their mode according to the lighting around, the thermostat that knows the temperature of the room, with and without humans in it. We are surrounded by a number of IoT projects in our daily life, all they do is reduce human effort by connecting devices.


With the pace of technology today, the biggest challenge IoT faces are the fact that people settle for what they have. The more users will crave the need for new inventions for making the tasks, even more, easier, the higher the scope of IoT will be. Another point that we're supposed to overcome is the monotonous use of technology. The key is to remember that technology only helps when it's dynamic and alters according to time. So being stuck with a single use of any technology bars it's development.

Cons of IoT:

Security and privacy of data is the most worrying part about a large amount of data being shared on a single platform. The data on the web can be useful to connect two junctions but if the same data is personal, it can ve easily misused. Unless we're careful enough that the website or organisation having the data is authentic and secure enough to not share my personal information outside the decided boundaries. Well, here the major role is of the user because the area IoT covers are so huge that without taking much care, it's very easy to get into a trap.


Irrespective of the negative aspects of IoT, we realise how impactful it has been on our lives. The technology that IoT brings so handy to the users is undeniably important. There's a lot of room for more and more innovations but the distance already covered is worth appreciating.

While the devices involved in developing such projects play the key role, Odinub provides the developers and budding researchers with a platform to share ideas and buy a single board computer with Linux.

​​​​​Now, that you know all the basic aspects of  IoT projects, devices and ideas function, you are ready to get a boast of knowledge of the advancements in the technology and applications of IoT in much detail. Get your eagerness alive and keep following the blog for the next post.


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