How to use Odinub with Smartphone?

Hello Everyone, until today were you using Odinub with Laptop or PC? Now you can also use it with your smartphone. 
You may wonder how would it be possible to use it through a Smartphone? And you might think where would it be useful? So here i would help you getting Odinub on Smartphone and in the next blog, I would tell you about one of the many applications of using Odinub through Smartphone.

And for that here are the pre-requisites: 
(1)Understand SSH
(2)Configure SSH in Odinub

I have already uploaded the blogs which will help you complete the pre-requisites. And then when you complete these two steps, you need to go through this Blog.
This blog is very short and easy to complete.

There are just 4 steps:
Step-1: Install PuTTy (or Mobile SSH) from Play-Store
Step-2: Connect Odinub board and your Smartphone on a common Wi-Fi Router 
Step-3: Open the App, and follow the mini-steps.
Step-4: You have learned all, all you need to do is -> tinker. build. share.

All these steps are explained below:
Step-1: Install Mobile SSH in Smartphone.

Step-2: Connect Odinub board and your Smartphone on the same WLAN (same wi-fi network)

Step-3: Now you need to connect the board with these small mini-steps:
Open the Mobile SSH App.

Click on the settings button on the top most - right corner.

Click on SSH settings

Input your Odinub board IP that you have previously obtained.
Write the IP and port as 22. Click OK.
Click on settings again. Now click on Connect. Here the smartphone will be trying to ping the board and configure the SSH.