RC car Using WI-FI

Today we are talking about an interesting topic for car lovers. For today we will build a RC car that is controlled with Wi-Fi. And we will also make a web application for controlling the moves of RC car.

Hardware required:
Odinub board
Odinub GPIO converter
Two DC motors
L293D Motor Driver
Jumper wires
Power Bank
Chassis of car

Circuit Diagram:
Here is circuit diagram for Odinub board and L293 Motor Driver’s input part.

ODINUB L293 Motor Driver Input
GPIO3_20 (pin-23) B1
GPIO3_2 (pin-21)   B2
GPIO3_1 (pin-19)    A1
GPIO1_17 (pin-17) A2
5V  Vcc

Here is circuit diagram for two DC motors and L293 Motor Driver’s output part.

DC Motors L293 Motor Driver Output
Motor1 GND  MA1
Motor1 Vcc MA2
Motor2 GND   MB1
Motor2 Vcc   MB2

Pin Configuration: