How to send real-time data to firebase using Python?

The following article will help to send real-time data to the firebase  realtime database using python language in Odinub. Firebase from Google offers two types of cloud-based client-accessible database solutions for mobile apps that support realtime data syncing — Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore. FireBase Real-Time DB is JSON based NO SQL DB, meant for mobile apps, regional, and used typically to store and sync data between users/devices in realtime / extremely low latency. While the Realtime Database is just a giant JSON tree, Cloud Firestore is a little more structured. All your data consists of documents (which are key-value stores) and collections (which are collections of documents). 
Cloud Firestore will be able to scale better than the Realtime Database. It's important to note that your queries scale to the size of your result set, not your data set.

Setup WiFi

The first step is to set up the WiFi. If you don't know how to do it, you can refer to here.

To turn on the Wi-Fi execute the following command:

ifup wlan0

The only prerequisites are you need an account on firebase which is free. To make an account click here
 you will get the screen like this,