Why is Linux important?

Why is Linux important?

The product libraries and gadget drivers for Linux are provided with padded support by an extremely large open-source network that extends far and wide with a huge number of energetic developers and innovators. This implies gadget drivers and programming libraries, as OpenCV, a picture handling library, or the TCP/IP stack, a total arrangement of systems administration conventions, areas of now accessible for most equipment parts in your structure. Indeed, even with new equipment that has quite recently hit the market, there is a decent possibility that somebody has just begun creating or has built up the product you need. It resembles having your very own overall group of programming designers.

Nowadays single board computers are packed with Linux. Making an IoT application is easy with such electronics hardware and SBCs. Odinub's architecture is on Octavo systems' OSD335x a SiP which is packed with many features and it can boot with basic Linux image this will turn your creative idea and projects into reality.

With Odinub it makes your life easy which comes with preloaded Linux and making IoT project easier than before with Linux. Odinub is a pocket-sized single board computer and by switching your IoT application on Odinub will get you a powerful computer with packed Linux. 

Linux supports almost all high-level programming languages like Python, Java, Perl C, C++, and many others. Also, software libraries that extend the functionality of high-level languages can help you save tons of time in code development and debug. For example, the “numpy” library in Python can help you with complex mathematical operations like solving large multi-dimensional matrices and arrays without you having to reinvent the wheel. This enables you to work in the language that makes sense for your application versus forcing your application to work within the limitations of C.

Odinub is an open source hardware organization firmly committed to creating computers that are power packed, yet, compact. 

Odinub is a single board computer based on the OSD335xx.1GHz 32-bit processor, wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE enabled Single Board Computer. If you want to know more about odinub you can visit odinub.com

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